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You can learn more about the books here, of course—but this is also the place to check out the beautiful New Zealand locations you’ve read about, listen to Maori waiata (songs), watch rugby players doing their thing (or, let’s face it, just looking good), and find out why Kiwis are known for their sense of humor.

I hope the books, and the site, have brought a taste of New Zealand and a little extra romance into your life. Because we all deserve a bit of fun and a dash of spice now and then! Thanks for visiting and reading—I appreciate each one of you—and be sure to check out my Facebook and Twitter posts for even more good stuff.

Latest Books

No Kind of Hero featured

No Kind of Hero (Portland Devils)

No Kind of Hero (Portland Devils, Book 2) Coming from Amazon July 1, 2017 Some men are hard to quit. Some heroes take you by surprise.Beth Schaefer isn’t just on the partnership track at her Portland law firm, she’s in […]

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Just Say Yes

JUST SAY YES: Escape to New Zealand Book 10 It’s here! Some fires warm you up. And some burn you down. Kevin McNicholl may be a brutal force on the rugby field, but off the field, the star New Zealand […]

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Silver-Tongued Devil

Silver-Tongued Devil (Portland Devils, Book 1) No more wild rides. No more wild side. Blake Orbison’s pro football career with the Portland Devils may have come crashing to an end, but not calling the signals anymore just gives him more […]

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Recent News

4 years featured

Get Off the Churn Train! Writing Books That Stick

I’ve read a lot of posts recently about the increase in “churn” with ebooks, particularly on Amazon. Conventional wisdom says that in order to have success selling on Amazon, particularly in KU, you have to be releasing new books every […]

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New Zealand Graphic_10_books

How to Be Hooky

Hookiness. It’s what a good book is all about, really. When I look at the books I really enjoy, that I burn through, they’re (a) pulling me in and (b) pulling me on. But how do you do that? How […]

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Escape to New Zealand

Escape to NZ Cheat Sheet!

How about a cheat sheet for those of us who have trouble remembering the names? That’s what a reader asked me yesterday. And I said: What a good idea! So here you go. In preparation for JUST SAY YES, coming […]

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