FOUND (Not Quite a Billionaire)

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FOUND (Not Quite a Billionaire, Book 3)

What do you do when you lose Hope? You get her back.

I’d lived my life according to two principles: discipline and control. Until now. There’s that phrase, though, isn’t there. “How’s that working out for you?” The answer, when it came to Hope Sinclair, was, “not so well.” She might be little, she might be sweet, and she might be young, but if I’d thought she’d be compliant anywhere but in bed, I’d learned my lesson.

To keep her, I had to let her go. To hold her, I had to turn her loose. To have her in my life, I had to accept that she was nine thousand miles away from me in New Zealand, in my grandfather’s house in Katikati, surrounded by the loving members of my Maori whanau and much too close to the not-so-loving ones.

All of that was killing me. On the other hand, I thought it might be working, so I was going to do it. No matter what.

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  1. Goldie M Piatt says:

    You are about the best author I have read and I read (inhale) many books! I can’t wait to read Millionnaire 3

  2. Rosalind James says:

    You made me laugh and touched me. Thank you! It’s good to write them working their way to forever TOGETHER. (Even if apart.)

  3. Jill Siedenburg says:

    Hope u r taking a big deep bow , Lady ! Because you have definitely earned it !! Hemi is definitely learning the meaning of compromise . In life we never stop growing and learning . The harder we resist ; the harder it is to get through the lesson . I love the fact that she actually put herself first and thought what she needed the most wasn’t to cave to Hemi . She knew she needed to be away from it all in order to put herself first . Perfect … Now hurry up WOMAN !! I’m dying here , Jill

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