Four-year anniversary!

4 year anniversary books

Four Years, Twenty Books!

September 1, 2016 marks something special. It’s my four-year anniversary in publishing. On September 1, 2012, I held my breath, pushed the big “Publish” button on Amazon’s KDP, and launched my first three books into the world.

I had no idea what would happen. I just prayed I wouldn’t crash and burn, and in my wildest hopes and dreams, I thought maybe I could make my $1,400 initial investment back by Christmas.

It took ten days.

In the past four years, I’ve sold about 750,000 books and audiobooks and have seen five books translated into German.

I guess I want to use this moment to say a big, huge “Thank you.”

– To my husband, for saying “Of course” when I asked him, “Do you think I could write a book?” For giving me permission, two weeks into my book-writing career, to quit my job and “try it for a year and see.” A huge leap of faith, without ever having read a line I’d written. You did it because you wanted me to be happy, sweetie, and you sacrificed and cut back to give me my shot. Thank you. 

– To my family and friends, for putting up with my all-consuming focus on my “book world.” (I’m finally coming out of it now, I promise.) It was so much fun, it seemed more real than the “real world” lots of the time–but it isn’t. Family and friends are more important. I know that, and I’m trying to live that better now.

– To my fellow authors, many of whom I’ve grown to know over these past years. Thanks for making room for me, for answering my questions and helping me out. I appreciate you.

– To my readers. A big, huge, “thank you” to everyone who downloaded a free book, who took a chance on a new author. To everyone who’s written to me and told me you enjoyed a book, who’s joined my Facebook page, signed up for my newsletter, and bought or borrowed the books. I couldn’t do this job if you didn’t read what I wrote. THANK YOU.

What’s next? I’m going to keep dancing with the one what brung me. That means that when a story starts filling my head, even if it’s not the book I’m supposed to be writing, I’m going to follow my heart and write it. Life is too short not to follow your dreams sometime. I’ve been working since I was 9, and that’s almost 50 years now. I’m going to take this shot and keep doing this job just because I love it. I hope you’ll stay with me on the journey.

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  1. Kathy Fendel says:

    Congratulations on your anniversary! Thank you so much for having the courage and the ideas! Loved your New Zealand books and just want you to know I laughed and cried my way through them. More please?
    Congratulations again. Thank you again for sharing with us, your readers!

    Kathy Fendel

  2. Love your books. Keep writing!

  3. Ms. James…I am an old lady; I am retired from two very emotionally, mentally & physically strenuous careers, both of which offered me the privilege of working with the most severely emotionally disturbed teenagers in our state. I also retired from a career that blessed me with the opportunity to watch and be an integral part of giving infants and very young children who would otherwise be difficult to place, find forever homes with loving individuals. Your books, once I was introduced to you as an author by way of Audible, have taken me away from my reality, if for only the amount of hours I am listening to them and transporting me to a place where true love exists through struggles and strife. I love having been introduced to the Maori culture in New Zealand, some of its geographical assets and landscape as well as its hidden magic described in your novels. Thank you for the escape to New Zealand, for the intrigue, the hot, steamy sex, and the happily ever afters. I also enjoy your new and much different lives being experienced in Paradise, Idaho. But, I have to admit that New Zealand has my heart and hopefully one day I will be able to chronicle my own experiences there.

    • Rosalind James says:

      That i beautiful. Thank you. I hope you do get there–it’s a special place.
      And bless you for the work you did. That sounds so far from easy.

  4. Linda Sue Lawson says:

    Please do continue writing! I feel as if I’m drawn into the stories…become part of them and am able to forget whatever part of the “real” world is getting me down. It’s a lovely break from my routine life.

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