Just Say Yes

Just Say Yes

JUST SAY YES: Escape to New Zealand Book 10

It’s here!

Some fires warm you up. And some burn you down.

Kevin McNicholl may be a brutal force on the rugby field, but off the field, the star New Zealand All Black is a famously nice guy. His new tenant, though, arouses more than his protective side. She sets him on fire. Pity he’s evicting her.

Every woman deserves her dreams. Chloe Donaldson can’t afford dreams, so she’s given them up. Marriage, her ballet career, and now, her beautiful tower apartment with its view of the sea. Her new landlord is kicking her out, along with her three-year-old son.

She should hate him. But when a man looks at you like that, it’s so easy to lose your focus.

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This is the book readers have been asking for almost since the beginning. Ever since Drew asked Kevin to look after Hannah until he could make it to the bar, people have been emailing me and asking when I was going to write Kevin’s story. I promised it two years ago, and then I went and wrote Faith and Will’s book instead! It took me a while to think it up, but I finally did, and it’s good. It’s Chloe and Zavy and Kevin, and everybody gets a family.

I want to thank you all very much for all your input along the way as I wrote this book with your help. It was very interesting to read all the comments. And: we’ve got a BOOK!




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  1. Just finished Kevin’s story! Loved it! Who’s next?

  2. Alicia C. says:

    So sad the new releases are only available on amazon! What happened to ibooks? I have most of the NZ books on iBooks and then had to move to amazon. It’s killing my OCD. :)

    • Rosalind James says:

      Hi Alicia–Yes, I’m in KDP Select (exclusive agreement), because I do much better that way. I know it’s less convenient for some readers, though–sorry about that!

  3. Looking so much forward to this one! Only a couple of days to go! Just a note though, I think Kevin meant his foot was held together with No. 8 wire, not number nine. :)

  4. Cynthia Clouser says:

    I cannot wait to finish this. I love Chole and Kevin, and being overweight myself, I’m especially interested in Noelle

  5. jennifer nd says:

    love your book. interesting turn of ev nts with the mom from hell. love dad and noelle. thanks

  6. Sabine Kleesattel says:

    I love this book already and can’t wait for the next chapters! One thing I can’t imagine is that Zavy has met his father at his grandmother’s and has not told his mother. I think every 3-year-old would tell his mother all he experienced on his days apart from her. Or would they have told him Rich was some visitor?
    In the last chapter, the kitchen scene, you mixed up the name of Noelle and called her Nicole (also a lovely name :-) )

    • June Tucker says:

      I love all of your books. I’m not a writer or critic but I do read a lot of books. Yours always entertain, come full circle and I never skip anything. Your characters are always real people with real problems and I could never get tired of the New Zealand history, Maori culture or rugby. Everyone wants a hero to sweep them away. Visiting En Zed is on my bucket list. Better HURRY, I’m 63 .

  7. Loving it so far! But since you used the term capsicum then you should probably use “spring onions” for “scallions”, I had to look up what scallions are because we don’t call them that :)

  8. In Ch. 12 on the flower note he says anytime before Thursday, but then at the beginning of Ch. 13 he says he is going out of town Tuesday. Not sure if that was supposed to say Thursday?

  9. Sue Restell says:

    Really enjoying this. There are a few gaps that could do with some explanation earlier, e.g. The fact that Rich is supporting her and what/why the court agreement was. I would be extremely angry if my mother had gone behind my back like that, especially after Rich jilted her at the altar. If he wanted to see Zavy he should have been upfront and contacted Chloe directly. It doesn’t lead to trust between any of them. Yes I agree Zavy should see his Dad but they’ve gone about it wrong. I will be fascinated to see how it turns out. I can see stormy times ahead!!! Looking forward to reading more. Just a personal preference – in previous books I tend to skip over the detailed descriptions of the sex scenes, but I’m sure I’m in the minority!!!! Keep writing, it’s great.

  10. I am loving this story. Can’t wait to see what happens. Loving the twins. Want to see more of Noelle and her struggles, and I cannot wait to see more of the story..

  11. Picking up from chapter 12 and 13…
    Chloe’s father is making sense. I really liked that phone conversation. It clarifies the fact that there has been a visitation agreement in effect for the past three years, so Chloe has little chance of preventing his visits without being hauled into court. That’s just legal fact.
    That said, it’s true that Zavy should have the opportunity to get to know his father. It may not matter to him NOW, but when he goes to school and the other kids ask about his father… That’s when it’ll hit hard. As several of the other fans said, if Chloe was thinking straight (she clearly isn’t at this point), she’d work for short, supervised visits.
    IF Rich is sincere about wanting to be more of a father (a BIG IF), then he should have contacted Chloe directly. So much for him being more grown up now. The whole thing about going behind her back and getting Fiona on his side, that’s just chicken sh*t! This sudden interest in Zavy makes me wonder about the cause for his sudden change of attitude. And didn’t you say he has a girlfriend. What does SHE think about this idea?
    One reader asked about Rich’s parents. That’s a good question. Why weren’t they interested in seeing their grandson? Or didn’t they believe he was their grandson?
    I love everything about Kevin and the way he’s working so hard to get to know Chloe without scaring her off. She hasn’t told him about her “bad day” yet. I’m really anxious to see what his reaction is.
    I had to look up “kumara” to find out they’re sweet potatoes. Learned something new today!
    I had the feeling that chapter 13 isn’t finished. Chloe surely has had to answer this particular question often in the past three years. Are the lives of professional dancers so demanding that they have to quit if they have a child?
    Lots going for this story so far. Keep writing!

  12. Loved what I read already. Now for the questions. What is Josie hiding? I would not be happy with my mom going behind my back. Why would Rich want to be a dad now , when at the wedding he didn’t want anything to do with the baby? I hope Kevin and Chloe can overcome the issues of control!! I am ready for the rest of the book

  13. Sue McIsaac says:

    I can see an issue coming between Kevin and Chloe. She has had to make all decisions and solve all problems on her own for years. When she does let Kevin know what is going on with Rick, his immediate response will likely be to take over and solve the problem! They both will have to learn that a relationship that both will have to look to the other for support and help.

    The dynamic between the twins is uncomfortable. I’m hoping Noelle will keep up with the ballet, get fit if not thin, and have a up and coming rugby player come after her. That could have interesting effects on both Kevin and Holly!

  14. Kate Sparks says:

    I’m all for Zavy pitching a real show while with his dad all alone. And if my mom had done that to me, it would be her weekend that got lost to the father’s weekend. I would never trust her again. She is the grandmother not the child’s mother. Harsh, I know, you may think you know what is best, but you sure don’t go behind the back and set it into motion.

  15. OMG! I love this book and can’t wait for the whole story. Can I say if my mum had pulled something like what Chloe’s mum did. I would never let her see my child alone again. I would find a new sitter. And that slug Rich uggg. Hate him! Love how he thinks that just because he pays maintenance then he is a father that’s part of conceiving a child you support them financially. Uggg!! I’m so annoyed. My blood pressure total blew up. I had to talk myself down from the ledge. LMAO!! Thanks for the great story. I can’t wait for the rest.

  16. Cynthia Moore says:

    Loved these 13 chapters! The story flows and makes perfect sense to me. From some of the above comments, some of the readers are somehow missing parts of the story. I wouldn’t change a thing. I love your writing style and always look forward to new stories.

  17. Rosalind James says:

    A note re Rich taking Zavy–I did change the story to allow for Rich having the explicit right to take Zavy every other weekend. I did that because I was surprised how many readers thought Chloe should somehow be able to prevent him from seeing Zavy alone. In fact, a parent DOES have a right to see his/her child alone unless it’s explicitly forbidden. (And it’s not going to BE forbidden, or supervised, unless there’s a verrrry good reason–like serious abuse.) If you don’t have a plan in place spelling out exactly when the other parent can see the child? The parent can just take the child, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Basically, they have as much right to be with the child as you do. If you try to keep the child from the other parent, YOU’LL be the one hauled into court.

    Basically, the law thinks kids do best when they’re with both parents. Unless there’s physical abuse to the extent of broken bones and/or sexual abuse, it’s really hard to get parental rights restricted. (So says my legal expert.)

    Ah, if only life were more like books! Anyway, I spelled it out more. Thanks for the feedback.

    • I cant seem to post a proper comment so I’m doing this in a repy. I generally love your books.
      Please please don’t let Kevin run roughshod over her and ‘solve her problems’. Please don’t let her be ‘unable to resist’ and unable to comand her own body when he comes on to her. We all know that’s very unlikely in the real world. Surrendering to feelings should be a concious choice…. otherwise it’s non-consent surely?
      Please don’t have her stay in her flat because she cant be parted from him and is oh soooo grateful. Let her show that she can be independent even with an attractive man trying to influence her. She doesn’t have to stop standing on her own feet just because he sleeps with her…..
      And finally, please don’t let her loose the fight when Kevin looses his temper over her not letting him ‘take care of her’ when she has trouble with her ex. It’s really not his business, he has no rights to her acquiescence.
      And as others have said…. I would totally cut my mum off if she dared do that with my son.

  18. Tina Wayman says:

    I’m loving the story but at the same time I’m hating what her mother and Rich are doing to poor Zavy and Chloe. How dare he after 3 years and 2 visits that happened years ago!!! Also how dare her mother interfere with something that is none of her business!! If her mother had wanted to change the situation between Rich, Chloe and Zavy then she should have talked to Chloe about it first. I think that something has got to happen where Chloe goes on a rampage fixing the way her mother treats her and how Rich treats his son. Maybe Chloe should talk to Josie or Kevin between all of them they could talk and hash out what steps can be done to keep Zavy in a good relationship with his father under supervision when Zavy is in every mood from crying to throwing a fit to being sick. Not to mention that Kevin needs to do something before his sisters relationship gets worse instead of better like having them do a movie date once a week or going on a all girl’s day or join something. Kevin should step up his game a little more but I love that he’s taking the easy path. Chloe needs to get her backbone up and start cleaning house.

  19. Denise Tiblis says:

    I would have to agree with all the comments about the mother, what a bit**. I also agree that Chloe would not let her son go off for a day with a total stranger, or did he meet Xavy at his grandparents’ house? I like the suggestion about Hugh trying to bring Xavy back early and meeting up with Kevin. I think Chloe needs to tell Kevin the wedding story, but I can’t decide whether she should do it before or after he meets Hugh.
    Another possibility for the first father/son meeting is with Josie present. She loves Xavy and would be a perfect supervisor for the meeting. Chloe would be totally o emotional to stay for it and grandma is apparently too biased.
    Also, it is time to hear why Kevin’s brother and his family need to live in the same house. Is it to supervise the sisters when Kevin is gone? I think that Chloe’s choice of an apartment should upset Kevin somehow and force him to make his move.
    Can’t wait to read the rest of the story.

  20. Nicole Jackson says:

    I love it. I love the characterization of Chloe and Kevin, boy oh boy am I looking forward to seeing how that ramps up!

    My only comment is this: Having Chloe give in to Fiona and Rich’s bullying tactics doesn’t make sense to me. It doesn’t fall in line with her character. She would never let him just have Zavy like that, not without at least rationalizing somehow in her own mind. I can see her storming out, thinking about it, talking to Josie about it, and then /maybe/ giving him a chance. And then Kevin finds out somehow, maybe Rich tries to bring Zavy home early because Zavy is throwing a tantrum and Rich can’t handle it, but Chloe is working, she’s not home — Kevin hears the commotion and comes out. Zavy goes running to Kevin (a man he knows and likes) and that would create some delightful friction between Kevin and Rich because Rich would feel like Zavy was replacing him as a father figure….oooh….

    At the very least, even if you don’t go that route, I truly think that you need to have Chloe at least rationalize letting Rich spend time with Zavy, not just blindly accept their bullying. That just doesn’t fall in line with what we know about her character and it causes me to not believe the story as much as I would like to.

    Yay, yay, yay!! So happy that this book is coming along, I was anxiously waiting for Kevin & Chloe’s story!! Now to just get poor, hapless Ben paired off……

    • Andrea Gallagher says:

      That’s definitely one way to make Kevin and Rich meet. I think it makes more sense to have Rich drop Zavy off at Chloe’s ballet class since he knows that is where she will be, and Kevin just happens to be waing for Noelle.

  21. I just started reading this book and I really loved the story until the scene with Chloe’s mother, Rich and Chloe, with her actually giving in to their bullying tactics and agreeing to let Rich take the toddler for an entire day even though he’s never met him before. It simply doesn’t read true, and it doesn’t match her character, the traits she’s supposed to have or her relationship with her son and that she knows Rich isn’t a fit guardian, even for a day! I just can’t see Chloe acting like that. Frankly, it really spoiled the entire story for me because if Chloe can let Rich take her child out of the house without her even though she knows what an awful person he is, then she isn’t someone who I would want to know and therefore, read about.

    • I agree. No mother would allow her child to go off with someone that’s pretty much a stranger (even if it’s the child’s own father) . It’s more likely she’d insist they meet for an hour or two in a neutral setting.

  22. As a Kiwi, one thing from chapter 2. When Kevin pulls in to the Takapuna Arts Centre he recers to it as being far from a rugby pitch. In NZ we say cricket pitch but rugby ground.
    Re: the university accommodation, the first year halls of residence are expensive and if you had twins going that would be double so that would be why a family might consider boarding with a willing family member.

  23. I am loving this story, and can’t wait to see what happens next. I love seeing the softer side of the rugby players. Please hurry and finish the book so I can find out what it happens.

  24. I’m wondering why and how dare her mother go behind her back to arrange something for her son with his estranged father without an okay from the woman who raised him especially after he dumped her at the altar and wanted nothing to do with either of them? Also why is Kevin arranging to have his entire family live with him? I also want to know how is Kevin going to be dealing with his soon to be new girlfriend’s exfiancee and the upcoming drama especially if he’s basically only looking for a girlfriend not a ready-made family?? How is Chloe going to deal with her mother’s betrayal, her ex trying to get partial custody of her son, Kevin not really wanting a family of his own, moving, and while still being the mother Zavy needs.

  25. Abigail Opper says:

    I am loving this story. I was satisfied with the tension between Kevin and Chloe and the housing situation but throwing Rich into the mix! I am salivating for Chapter 12. Truly hoping that Rich shows that his spots haven’t changed. Looking forward to him attempting to cope with a 3 year old’s logic. Smiling just thinking of the possibilities. And I think Chloe should find someone else to babysit – maybe one of Kevin’s sister?

    • I realize this is a somewhat belated question, but why did Chloe and Rich wait until she was nine months pregnant to hold their wedding? It keeps bothering me, even this far into the story, which is very compelling.

      Really don’t understand Rich bullying Chloe in front of her mother. Presumably her father has equal resources /power to combat this legally. The dad didn’t seem thrilled about Rich anyway and Chloe slapped Richat the ceremony, thinking she had spared her father the effort. Just quibbles, but I’d really like to know !

  26. Debbie Holmes says:

    I want to kill the mother right now. What a betrayal. She needs a lesson on where her loyalties should lie. Poor Chloe

  27. Love the last scene with the father that wants to get involved once the diapers are no longer involved. I wonder what happened to his parents, didn’t they want to get to know their grandchild, especially because their son is 33 and his fiancee was 9 months pregnant. Most people would have been excited, the names would have been chosen and the nursery decorated so all the grandparents must have been expectant. I think that Chloe should insist that for the first 3 times her son stays goes with Rich she goes along – he is basically a sperm donor who pays child support, she has full custody and that should come with the right to say how her child interact with someone who has no experience with young children. What if where he goes is not child proof and Zavey swallows something, she should insist that for his safety she goes along, he may be the father but she is the mother and primary caregiver who raised him alone. She is not denying him access just ensuring it is done in a responsible way. Rich may be his father but by his choice he is a stranger and Zavey would pass him in the street and not know him Chloe needs to insist that she has some oversight to the interaction. I feel very passionate about this, negligent fathers cannot expect to get it their way just because they decide to show some passing interest. she should recover from her shock at the visit and insist on some visit guidelines, also her mother needs to be given the cold shoulder for awhile – she saw how hard Chloe worked to raise the child by herself and basically conspired with the negligent father who humiliated her daughter in such a public way.

    • Cynthia Moore says:

      But she doesn’t have full custody. Go back and read again, they agreed for him to take the child every other weekend. He just didn’t do it in the past.

  28. Maggie Perez says:

    Poor Chloe, her mom is horrible!!!!! I can’t imagine how awful it must be to have Rich walk in after 3 years and want to take Zach away for weekends AND to find out your mom has gone behind your back and let him see the child!!!

  29. I just found this challenge and love the idea. I haven’t read the other comments, so forgive me if I’m repeating stuff that’s already been resolved.
    Ch. 1–“You’re not a man. You’re a worm. You go to hell.” Best line ever for the situation!
    Ch. 2–Love the description of the ballerina at work. I can see her in my head with that total concentration. But why is she going to hate him?
    Ch. 3–What are jandals? Misspelling of sandals, or some NZ slang for them? (I’m American).
    Maybe I didn’t read carefully enough but I’m confused by the timeline. It’s three months after Josie’s wedding, but how long since Chloe’s disastrous non-wedding? How old is her son now?
    Ch. 4–Timeline questions answered.
    “Rattle your dags, then.” –Cute expression, even if I don’t know exactly what dags are. I assume it’s a variation of “get a move on.” (NZ slang is fun.)
    “Bossy as,”–That one stopped me for a minute. Bossy as what?
    Ch. 7–SNORT! LOL! “Mummy,” Zavy said, “it was a big, big bat toilet. And Kevin has a really, really big penis!” Are you old enough to remember Art Linkletter’s show, Kids Say the Darndest Things?
    Ch. 8–And the helpful wife…Oh, that’s good.
    I’m so glad to see two adults actually talking about their motives. So refreshing.
    Ch. 9–“Kiwi as, my childhood.” There it is again. I’m going to assume the missing ending is “anything.” Bossy as anything. Kiwi as anything. Yes, I realize the Americanism doesn’t make much sense either.
    Ch. 10–Oh, my. Rich and Fiona had that scene choreographed! She never agreed to Saturday visitation, a fact they ignored. They just ASSUMED she would and went on as settled. That has me pissed, more than what he actually wants, which isn’t all that unreasonable. And if she gets upset, they’ll tell her to grow up and be an adult about it. Bullies always tell you you’re immature when you aren’t giving them their way. Me, I say, “Call your lawyer, Chloe! Right now.”

  30. Andrea Gallagher says:

    Hi, Rosalind,
    I’ll just jump right in with my questions and comments, because all was fine with me until chapter 11. I’m confused by Chloe and Fiona’s relationship. Chloe and Fiona meet weekly and Chloe’s parents watch Zavy one weekend a month. To me, that says they really care about Chloe and Zavy. Fiona then goes behind Chloe’s back and let’s Rich visit Zavy when he is at thier house and helps Rich bully Chloe into letting him see Zavy with threats of taking her to court. In my opinion, that is not something a loving, caring parent does. Obviously, Rich has an ulterior motive for wanting to see Zavy. What is Fiona’s reason for wanting this. If she really thinks Zavy should get to know his father and/or thinks Chloe needs some time to herself, why not discuss this with Chloe first. Does Fiona need something from Rich in exchange for her help with Chloe? Does Chloe’s dad know about Rich’s visits with Zavy at the house. Does he know about Rich wanting visitation with Zavy and Fiona helping him? Would Chloe’s dad go against Fiona and help Chloe with the court costs? I find it hard to believe that Zavy wouldn’t have said something to Chloe about a guest being at his grandparent’s house when he was there. Three year olds don’t keep many secrets.

  31. Love Chapters 10 & 11. Only one part didn’t flow for me, and it’s “added a slice of carefully lowfat roasted vegetable frittata to her plate.” The carefully lowfat roasted phrase made me stumble a few times. Other than that, it’s wonderful! Darn Fiona for springing Rich on Chloe!! I also don’t think Fiona should be the one to suggest lowering the child support, likely that would be court ordered, and they speak of not wanting to go back to court. Thanks for allowing your readers to be part of this process. I can hardly wait for this book!

  32. Spot on Rosalind! Fiona in cahoots with Rich. He and her Dad both lawyers. I’m seeing some possibilities here for further conflict . I’m sensing Chloe may be adopting a new family that lives downstairs!

  33. Dotty Weis says:

    OMG I am so captured by this story, can’t wait to read the rest please hurry and get it published

  34. OHHHHH!!! I’m so riled up right now that I just want to slap Rich – AND Chloe’s meddling mother!! Of all the gall!! How dare they ambush Chloe like that – and how could Fiona betray her daughter like that?? That is SO messed up. I can’t wait for the next chapter. I’d really like to see them (Both) get knocked down a peg or two. WOW!! Talk about a conflict and tension! I’m hooked!

  35. Teri Mader says:

    OH!! OH!!! Now we know who is providing the conflict. I just want to slap Rich, so if that is your intent, you nailed it. (And maybe Chloe’s Mom as well?). I can see why Chloe might need a rugby team of support behind her.

  36. Hi Rosalind, your NZ stories are the most enjoyable books I have ever read, thank you! How about Chloe & Zavy move in with Josie & Hugh? I would also enjoy more info about other rugby couples, so maybe more parties or beach events are coming?

  37. Maggie Perez says:

    Loving this story!! Zavy’s conversation with Chloe and Kevin after the visit to the bathroom was laugh out loud funny!! I’m already NOT a fan of Chloe’s mom and I like Kevin and Chloe reconnecting because he has to tell her that she needs to move ( it’s very different from the other books). My mom owns a 3 family house that several family members have lived in through the years,so that piece of the story rings very true for me. Great start to what I’m sure will be a wonderful addition to one of my favorite series.

  38. Kim Cecelski says:

    Wow! I know Rich is behind that door, ugh! Mom really?? I sure hope that Chloe takes Kevin to her mother’s upcoming event if she’s expected to attend. In your face Rich…??? Great chapter, It appears that Rich doesn’t contribute that much for support, but I have no idea of costs in NZ especially with the housing shortage in the area and child support laws so I’m clueless on that front. Another great chapter!!
    Boy, am I loving this!!

  39. Glad you got your back up computer up and running!! Now, Ch. 10. If Rich is behind that door, I will not be responsible for what I say about Fiona. I like the insight into life with Zavy and his grandparents and how they fit into his and Chloe’s lives. I think it’s spot on Chloe’s thinking of accepting money and the person getting a say. Questions- less money from Rich if he sees Zavy once a month? Less child support for one weekend a month doesn’t seem logical. Maybe if he had him a week at a time and they actually split custody. But I don’t know NZ family law. If Fiona is trying to help Rich get back into their lives, what is her motivation for doing so? Has she remained close to him the entire time? Did she feel Rich was the best chloe could do despite him walking out? Do appearances mean that much to Fiona? What are dad’a thoughts on this possible revelation? Loving this one!!

  40. Dear Rosalind – I really enjoy your books! I’m happy to have the opportunity to contribute, even in a small way. I’d like to weigh in on the reaction someone would have to being told they have to move out of their home, as it happened to me. Our landlord informed us that he wanted to move into the house we’d rented for ten years, and we had four weeks to get out. Our reaction was utter, gut-wrenching panic, and I can’t imagine it would be any easier for a single, working mom. We weren’t prepared for it financially, didn’t know if we’d find a place that would accommodate our special needs (pets, elderly parent), and didn’t know how we’d manage the moving logistics on such short notice. I can’t imagine that Chloe is very financially stable given her situation (and I don’t remember hearing whether Zavy’s dad provides support). She’s being forced to uproot herself and her child in a difficult housing market with limited resources (and moving can be very expensive). She’s taking it way better than I did. I was literally sick with dread for weeks until our situation was resolved. Favorably, it turns out, although there were no hot Kiwi rugby players involved. Oh well.

  41. Chapter 2- first paragraph …hair of a shade much too uncompromisingly red…that part didn’t flow very well. I had to keep re-reading it to figure out the sentence and that it meant he had red hair.

    ch. 8 Instead of having Chloe stop Zavy from running over to check out the guns maybe have Kevin catch her wrist and say let him go we can see him from here and then have the conversation about where their relationship is going. I just can’t see that long and serious of a conversation happening with an active Zavy holding onto Chloe’s hand. I’ve been on the non-parent side of many conversations of parents with littles and it is impossible to talk for more then 2 min. especially if the conversation doesn’t interest the child.
    At the end of the chapter I also think it would be better if she let Zavy into the house and then turned back and he kissed her real quick. I just think it is awfully fast to be kissing her while she’s holding Zavy. One of the things I love about your books is the natural progression of relationships. Other authors, people just hop into a relationship and I’m thinking, wait he’s still a stranger!! You don’t do that, and I appreciate your development of relationships. To me it just seems a little soon for a single mom…or maybe that is where the conflict is going to come in…she starts to feel they are moving too fast 😉
    I love when you write longer books and I just don’t want their relationship to go so fast that the story is over!!
    love, love Zavy and I think his relationship with Chloe and Kevin is going to be fun to watch unfold.

    I agree with one of the other readers that it would be great to get Kevin, and maybe even more of the team?, involved in ballet somehow. New trainer on the team trying a different program to mix it up? A dare? Maybe for a recital the beginner class that Noelle is in? They want to do some lifts, but don’t have enough guys in the class. Thinking there could be some really funny material in that!

    Loving it so far, can’t wait to read more!!

  42. jennifer nd says:

    yes!!! finally kevin’s story! love what you have written so far

    batman! couldnt stop laughing! reminded me of wombat comment in just for now

  43. Dotty Weis says:

    Gee can’t find my comment on the website anywhere, oh well must not have been important

    • Rosalind James says:

      Dotty, I have it set to “approve” comments because otherwise every page gets flooded w/ spam, but once I “approve” somebody once, they stay approved, and I’ve been checking pretty carefully these past few days to make sure I’ve approved every comment. I’m pretty sure your comment is there–I remember seeing it! (OK, just checked–I don’t have a comment from you in my email–where they also show up–maybe you commented on Facebook?) Thanks for your help.


      • Dotty Weis says:

        Rosalind thanks for the info on the comment. Still love the book waiting patiently for the next chapter please let me know when it is up

  44. Hi, I really enjoy reading Kevin and Chloe’s story. I had the feeling they coud match in Josies and Hugh story.

    However I’m wondering about the left one wedding day topic. For me Rich seems not really interesstest in a familiy. Just want to have a pretty woman next to him. It does not seems possible that he really would be direct and brave to stand in front off all people to say … I dont want you. From “Just not mine” I had more that feeling, that he was running away really fast after Chloe got prenant. What if he just left a letter on the wedding day?

    The other side I can imagne that Kevin is also a bit challengend. What if he is a really direct guy? What happens if his mother always told him not to be to rude and so direct? What if he was always told to be more diplomatic? And because he always try hard and failed, rugby was his way?

    So Kevin finds out that Chloe, the pretty woman he had met once, lives in the house he brught and what when he, because he like her, does not know how to tell her that she had to move out? What if she gets this information in some talk wth his sisters?

    And I like the two so differt sisters :-)

    And I personally hope there will be no involvement of Chloe and Ben, because In “Yes for now” Ben was not that interessted in very slim woman 😉 But thats just me personal taste

  45. Spot on with the flow of the story. Explanations of earlier questions and circumstances are being answered with the natural progression of the characters and their relationship .

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    I didn’t remember Chloe, so I was confused about who she was and what she was doing at Hugh and Josie’s wedding. Maybe add a little bit of her backstory at the beginning (including her own failed wedding), so readers understand why she was feeling so ill?

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    What happened after the wedding? Is Rich involved in Zavy’s life, financially or otherwise? It was mentioned that Chloe intended to perform again after having her baby. What happened, that she ended up teaching instead of performing? Where are her parents?

    Why did Kevin make the trip to the dance studio to tell Chloe she had to move? Why not wait until she got home, since she was living in his house? Which rugby player did Chloe date? I didn’t remember that. Did Chloe and Kevin have a previous history?

    Why are all of Kevin’s siblings living with him? Maybe a better question is why is he living with them? I can understand him wanting to help his family, but why doesn’t he have his own residence?

    I loved that Koti and Iain McCormick were there, but why the references to the Mafia and the weird nicknames for the players? Who is Ben? Was he the player that Chloe briefly dated?

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    • You have asked many of the questions I had. I think it would help me to flesh out the relationships Chloe had with her family and groom.

  89. In which much will be clarified….the last two chapters were very enlightening and answered my questions, particularly about the housing issue. I also think that many of the questions people have about Chloe and her story and family will be expanded upon just as these recent chapters added more story ( we are only up to chapter 5) I love the family aspect that you write so well – it really expands the characters when we see them living amongst and interacting with their family members!! I am enjoying this very much!

  90. Couple of spots where meaning was a little unclear:

    “The baby kicked again, and she said, “You don’t get to choose. The baby’s here now, and I didn’t do this myself.” She wasn’t whispering, either.”

    On that line, was it meant to say I didn’t do this BY myself?

    ““Uh-huh,” Josie said. “Kevin had a bit of a hunted look about him when I asked him about you. Can’t wait to hear why.” She bent and gave Zavy a kiss. “I really do have to go get that pizza, now that I promised. But do come down, love. You can meet his sisters. They’re sweet, and you’ll be living with all of them, after all. More or less.”

    She left before Chloe could explain what “more or less” meant, and leaving the question entirely open.”

    I may just be being slow on this one- From the next bit I’m guessing Josie was meaning more or less because they’re not actually living with them, just downstairs neighbors, whereas what Chloe would have explained if Josie had been there a bit longer was that it would definitely less, as Kevin wanted her to move out.

    But for some reason that little section really tripped me up for a bit, I ended up rereading it quite a few times before I moved on.

    Now questions/feedback!

    I really like the way you changed the prologue into a flashback instead, and the little edits to the meeting at the school. Though I do wonder how he can think the feeling isn’t mutual when she just suggested he ask for her phone number!

    I’m wondering if Chloe did indeed go on that date with Will, and that’s where her bad impression of rugby players came from! He came into his own in Just in Time, but he was definitely a bit of a player in Just Not Mine.

    I love the joking and camaraderie among the guys, that was a nice flash of them.

    I’m guessing we’re meant to be hating Holly at this point. Holy cow, with a twin like her, I’m surprised Noelle didn’t decide to go anywhere else for Uni, just to be able to stop living with her sister. I hope Kevin or Chloe can find a way to help Holly shape up into a nicer person!

    I’m hoping we get to see Noelle gain some confidence from ballet, even if Chloe isn’t teaching her. I just want to give that girl a hug!

    Really loving this story!

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  93. I really enjoyed this taste of the book and look forward to your finishing it. I didn’t have all that many questions. It didn’t seem that odd that a person would buy a duplex-sort of home and would want to have his brother’s family living there.

    I have read and enjoyed all of Rosalind’s books, but I don’t have all the details in my head. It would have helped to have a few sentences to give the back story to the players when they’re introduced. And not everyone is coming to the book having read all the other books. Help us out and don’t assume everyone has all the backstories of all the past characters in their memory banks when they come to a novel.

    I’d also have liked a little look at when they met each other at Josie’s wedding.

    I did wonder why she waited until she was 9 months to get married. I hope that we’ll get a bit more backstory on her and Rich. If he was such a terrible person, why was she with him to begin with? And I did wonder if she’s receiving childcare money from Rich.

    There was a line to indicate that she is from an upper-class background. Is that going to be a plot point?

    I hope the plotline of not her not knowing where she’s going to live doesn’t keep going for most of the book.

    Don’t give up on this book. It shows great promise. I’m not sure what is the problem you’re facing. There are interesting characters and I want to know more about them and how they get together.

  94. I love that you’re doing this, and as I’m not on social media, this is great! I also love all your books, and can’t wait to see how this turns out, as I’m sure there will be some twists and turns. I do have to say that I have a lot of the same questions that Esther Frick posed. Most all of them actually, but as it moves on you can see, and feel the tension & excitement building. But it would be nice to see some of Esther’s statements tackled in regards to her family (father & mother) reference the statements at her own wedding. Also, the housing issue, as stated by many others, is confusing. I’m assuming it’s a separate apartment located on the third floor of the house, with it’s own entrance. Maybe we’re just overthinking it. And maybe all those questions will be answered down the road as she reflects back. Here’s hoping all goes smoothly for you as you finish!

  95. . I like the body confidence direction with his sisters. I’m thinking you’ll develope their characters! And another teaser with Ben Thompson … sure got Kevvies notice. Josie’s got something cooking with living quarters and further interest in Chloe’s situation. I’m glad to see she’s not quite so narky all the time and would like to see her have an opportunity to assume her professional dancing. Don’t know ballet or how realistic that is.

  96. It was all good until the pizza party downstairs – the entire conversation there was irrelevant and I quite couldn’t follow it since there was no intro to the other participant of the dialogue. Otherwise really great read and I’m very interested in the development of the story. Please keep on going.

    • Susan Smith says:

      I liked the pizza party. I enjoy the interaction of the rugby men. If you haven’t read the previous books you should do so now. Too much explanation of every characters backstory ruins the natural flow of the really excellent writing. I really want Rich to be paying child support. I dislike women letting daddy jerks off the hook. Kev and Chloe need more tension in their story arc besides the eviction. Maybe her distrust of “rich men” ? Really like the story so far. Thank you Rosalind for your exceptional stories.

  97. One of the hallmarks of your work has been family. I love how Kevin is supporting his and I can see them playing a large role in the story. On the flip side, I barely see Chloe’s family. So, I need to echo others and ask “Where are they?” I can’t imagine them abandoning her in any way. Even a small scene with her mother taking Zavy somewhere or something would help dispel the feeling that Chloe is completely on her own.

    Right now I feel like Kevin is spot on with his awe and a little bit of hero worship of Chloe. It’s obvious he is very attracted but his mouth moves faster than his brain and I like that sweet clueless bumbling a lot. The tension between Holly and Noelle is a great opening and something I think could easily develop into a strong portion of the story. It’s obvious there is something going on with Holly based on Kevin’s reactions to her. Also, I am assuming there is a story behind their names?

    I feel like I know Kevin and his family way more than Chloe at this point. I’m stumped as to how she got to where she is, what her motivations are. What does Chloe want? What is keeping her from getting what she wants? Does she even know what she wants? It feels more like she is marking time. I don’t get the sense that Chloe really wants Kevin at this point, unlike him. He clearly wants her and has wanted her, but he’s done the honorable thing in not pursuing her when they were both otherwise engaged. She feels something, noticing how it is when he picks her up like a dance partner. What does she see when she looks at him? I can’t picture him through her eyes but I see her through his eyes. She is very closed and he is very open.

    I love how this is developing. I feel like there are so many paths here that it is wide open. I like how I feel about Kevin and I like Chloe’s strength. But I also feel like at some point those roles are going to reverse and Kevin will feel like the one with the strength and Chloe will be the one fumbling with her words and struggling with her attraction.

  98. Dawn Mulholland says:

    I’m adding an update to my first comment–I LOVE the addition of the scene of Josie’s loving, beautiful wedding and the comparison to Chloe’s “forced” almost wedding. I don’t think we need any more back story. Whatever we need to know can come out as we see the relationship between Kevin and Chloe develop.
    From what I picture in my mind–Kevin’s house is a big one, with an apartment on the top floor that Chloe rents (and that I believe his brother and wife will move into–mostly because of the high cost of housing in Auckland. and because I’ve seen expensve housing there on HGTV “Househunters.”)
    I already feel a good connection between Kevin and Chloe–love how they are both naturally very active, athletic people.. They have a lot in commmon.

  99. Esther Frick says:

    Hi Rosalind,
    I’m loving this book so far and have been looking forward to Kevin’s story. He seems so sweet and adorable. And Chloe deserves a happy ending too. Here’s my question list. Maybe other people addressed some of these already – I didn’t check to see. Sorry if anything is redundant.

    What led up to the wedding disaster? Were there any fights or signals that things were heading down that path?

    What happened to the father of Chloe’s child? Obviously he doesn’t want to be a dad or be married, but is he supporting the child?

    How does Chloe pick up the pieces after the non-wedding?

    Does Chloe have any other family support? What are her family relationships like? It doesn’t sound like her mom was very supportive – by the tone in the comment about a white dress.

    Why would Chloe’s fiance think the guests would be laughing at her? He sounds like a grade A jackwagon – Maybe explore that further. I get the idea that he maybe wasn’t just some groom with cold feet. He’s got issues.

    Chloe’s dad asks her “are you sure?” Right before walking down the aisle. Explore about that – why?

    How did Chloe go from being a professional dancer to being a teacher in a small art school? Was that a lifestyle choice or did something else happen to push that decision for career direction?

    Kevin is adorably star-struck. I’d love to explore more about his current views on Chloe.

    When Why does Kevin assume Chloe won’t like him?

    What happened to Kevin’s family and why is Kevin buying a house for his brother’s family and his sisters? Are they financially dependent on him? Why?

    What kind of arrangement would allow Kevin to move right into the house when the current occupant has not been served legal notice yet and given opportunity to vacate? This is a little confusing (not familiar with real estate laws or protocol, but that seems a little odd without a little more information)

  100. Eva Thompson says:

    Prologue–Love the setup! We can see how fierce Chloe’s personality can be. And it clues us in on how central ballet is to all aspects of her life, especially as a tool to calm her nerves.

    Ch 1. & 2.

    Change comes in the form of a muscular redhead–why? Was Kevin on her mind as she was winding her day down? Was it because she had just learned that Kevin became her new landlord? Had he been in the recesses of her mind since she first met him & hearing his name relit the spark? Also, is that why she was having nagging thoughts about her living situation?

    It feels abrupt for Kevin to just show up. Did he just close the deal. When did he discover Chloe was a tenant of the property? Was that part of the reason he bought it? Or was it a surpraise discovery which he used as an excuse to meet up with her again at the ballet studio? And why did he need the space for his family? Had they been brought up poor and he felt responsible for all his siblings, especially a brother with a young family?

    There are some gaps that need to be filled but I’m SO excited that Kevin’s story is coming together!

  101. Loving the story. My questions would be very similar to the other comments. I enjoyed the new beginning. I hope it’s okay to mention that maybe takeaways was mentioned quite a few times in Chapter 4.?? I hope being nit picky only makes your story better than it already is. :) I remember quite an intimate touching scene in Welcome to Paradise (Book 1) where the hero, Gabe, shaves the heroine’s underarms as she is completely exhausted. It was such a sweet intimate gesture that it has stayed with me. Anyway, I’m mentioning this wondering if perhaps Chloe might need some type of intimate help from Kevin due to her exhaustion? Not underarm shaving of course as that’already been done beautifully. 😉

  102. Really enjoying what I’ve read so far. It really drew me in. I love books where heroes from previous parts of the series show up in supporting roles that make sense.. Rosalind, you are very good at writing realistic children, I worry that Zavy might fall into the stereotypical brat. But that could just be when we meet him – at the magic hour/age for children (where the brat shines thru). Can’t wait to read more!

  103. I loved the prologue from yesterday. The important part though is the content and it works as part of CH1 too :) With just that foiled wedding day bit , you explained why Chloe has been so prickley, defensive, closed off during the little bit we’ve gotten to know her as Josie’s friend. Nicely done.
    Personally, I don’t need to know more about Rich. Unless of course, Chloe needs to explain something at some point to Kevin, then I definitely want to eavesdrop on that conversation! 😉 However, I agree with others that we’ll see more of “evil” Rich… because at SOME point poor Kev will need to pull his foot out of his mouth and become a hero. Rich wanted her because she was a star / glamorous / popular … will he want her again if she becomes those things now? Because I see possibilities with all those AB’s around…

  104. Mary Guidry says:

    Zavy could add a great obstacle… and I know it happens because it happened to me. He just does NOT take to Kevin at the beginning. He’s that age. You’ve already shown us that.

  105. Loooove it! I’m so excited for another NZ book and I love Josie so this is great!

    My only confusion/suggestion is in regards to the living situation. What kind of house is it that Chloe is living in? A duplex? Maybe I just don’t understand NZ housing. I was having trouble picturing her house and where all these other people are moving into.

    You paint the picture so beautifully in all your books so it’s odd for me to ever have any confusion :) I feel like I am familiar with NZ just from your books! So maybe just a few more lines of detail on Auckland and how the housing is.

    • I think it’s what in England is called a maisonette. The house has been split into to apartments, one upstairs and one downstairs.

  106. I don’t think I’d be a very good beta reader because I think it’s a great story…I don’t really have questions because I always figure they’ll be answered later on. That’s what keeps you reading, not knowing or understanding what’s coming next.

    Obviously we haven’t seen much of Chloe other than as Josie’s friend in Just Not Mine, but from this little bit she’s sounding stubborn and I get really frustrated with characters who are stubborn just for the sake of it (probably because I have a few too many kids who are that way and it drives me crazy!) I have loved Kevin in every book he’s been in and I really want to fall in love with the girl as much as he does!

    And of course, I love it when they have interaction with other characters from past books. Definitely makes it seem more real. You do know that when I go to New Zealand I’m going to be disappointed when I do actually run into these people!

  107. Jo Downey says:

    Chapters 1-4: I like the change in the beginning…flows smoother. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to have Kevin throw in the ‘attracted to you but was in relationship already’ card or perhaps Josie could let that drop and lessen Chloe’s irritation. She seems confrontational with no more contact that they’ve had.
    I’m not having any trouble with the brother and his family moving in…understanding how the All Blacks travel so much I made the assumtion that they will be backup for the sisters.
    I’m catching that Kevin has been on crutches twice and could anticipate some type of training/therapy to help him gain flexibility although again I imagine the All Blacks have those resources. Having one or more sister interested in ballet would provide further interaction between the two.
    Am also assuming she gets maintenance from Rich? since they nearly married and it was well known/assumed he is Zaveys father. If not then she’s leaving money on the table for no more than pride. I personally don’t have to have him in the story. Although someone wanting something to hold over his head could threaten Zavey. Blackmail? Hmm? Sisters babysitting perhaps taken or threatened with Zavey?
    In chapter 4 Josie took Chloe’s bags but a few sentences later Chloe set her bags down…?
    Can’t wait for Chapter 5!

  108. Margaret H says:

    I’m loving it! Some of my questions may have been answered already, but here goes:
    At the wedding, Rich saying “It’s not mine” – did Chloe have to deal with any stigma as fallout from his declaration, or did she set the record straight about Rich being the father of her child?
    If Chloe did have to deal with stigma, did it affect her life and how she was treated by employers etc? Maybe missed job or life opportunities by judmental people?
    Does Chloe have financial support for her child, or is she relying on her job to live?
    Looking forward to more!

  109. This has probably already been answered but my only question would be why is Kevin’s adult brother and family moving in with him? I can understand younger sisters if something happened to his parents. Did something happen to his parents? Did something happen to his brother? Did he loose his job? Did he gst hurt? Why is Kevin supporting all of them? Other then that question which you may already answer in upcoming chapters so far it’s very intriguing.

  110. Dawn Mulholland says:

    I’ve always loved Kevin–loveable and a little awkward. I like how he sees the similarities between what she does, athletically, as a ballerina and what he has to do in training as a rugby player. In this respect, they have a LOT in common. I don’t see how Rich’s career wasn’t ruined by his last-minute ditch of her at the altar., and I doubt he’d have anything to do with her in the future–unless he wanted to resurrect his career. I wonder if Kevin plans to move his brother and wife into her apartment and the rest of the family into the remainder of the house.? He’s Maori and I think family is everything to them, so I see him having worries about his sisters being raised without a man in residence. What kinds of problems can his sisters get into that she will see before he does and can she help with good advice for them? I predict Kevin will fall for her son, encouraging the rambunctiousness he says he hates. . Great story, so far. PLEASE continue. I’ve been waiting for Kevin’s story.

  111. Sarah Mollo says:

    I love how open and gentle Kevin seems–attitude-wise, younger, a little goofy, and less hardened than some of the other guys, and seems to wear his heart on his sleeve. He seems like a high-school crush kind of funny sweetheart in over his head with the property owner stuff. A golden retriever in a German shepherd’s job, who grows up a lot as he learns to set boundaries for his family and take more responsibility–he becomes someone worthy of Chloe (though not, I imagine, before letting her down a few times). I can imagine him as a reluctant and overwhelmed but ultimately excellent and super-fun babysitter for Zavy and the kids in his family, getting totally managed by toddlers and smiling up at Chloe when she comes home to find him covered in spaghetti sauce and participating in silly toddler-directed games. Maybe she gets some dance opportunities that she didn’t think she’d have a chance at again, and needs childcare, and Kevin’s already been roped into watching kids, so what’s one more?

  112. Kate Sparks says:

    What happened to her mom & dad…. and no one wants a big opulent wedding at 9 months… maybe 7… Is Rick supporting her financially? Is she estranged from parents — why does he need to house his brother & family? Their place destroyed ? Her professional career down the tubes ?

  113. Heidi Quinn says:

    Wow. OK, maybe I’m not going to be that helpful. I love this. I’ve loved everything since your first book; thought they’ve all been great. But you just keep writing so much better! I swear it just flows from you, increasing in visual and emotional volume.

    Chloe is strong. I love her. I can see her move, feel the heat coming off of her- the power. Damn. I love seeing Kevin entranced by her. Damn. Again. I am already so looking forward to this book, and I cannot wait to read the story and the stories within. Thanks for choosing to begin this book this way, although I’m absolutely useless by way of suggestions or questions.

  114. I need to revisit their back history! My first feelings..on the nit picking side …
    Can’t imagine any woman at 9 months pregnant wanting to get dressed up for a full on ceremony. Why did they wait so long? If Rich is so hung up on appearances and the ‘done thing’ would he bail at the actual ceremony?
    Good job you described her as willowy, this implies she is taller than the average ballerina, maybe on the Darcey Bussell scale? Most I’ve seen have been tiny, in height and frame.
    Wasn’t sure of the ‘nymph’ and pool’ thought from Kevin.
    On the positive…
    Have been waiting to hear of Kevin. I like the foot in mouth start. I like the common discipline of training, because ballet is relentless too. I’m waiting to find out why Chloe isn’t part of a ballet company any more.
    I liked the way she showed him the studio door!

  115. Lori Duncan says:

    Oh my! I am so excited! You have to finish this book and keeo giving us more rugby men!

    I love the feedback you have recieved so far. I would also like to see more of her mom and of course Rich will have to come back since he’s in the prologue. I wonder what the deal is with Kevin and his siblings. I think because this has the chemistry even before this book strted between the two that it should maybe wait until the end for it to be final love. I think that is where Zavy could come into play maybe.

    I believe you will write this just as well as you wrote the rest. The chracters are there and their story will come.

  116. Kim Cecelski says:

    The chemistry was there between Chloe and Kevin in the previous book so that flows. I was a bit confused with the conversation in the studio about buying the house and his family moving in. I gather we’ll learn more about that in future chapters. I can definitely see Kevin doing ballet for strengthening with Chloes help.(my husband danced ballet to stay in shape when we started dating). I see them as housemates and her son becoming attached to Kevin. Maybe a little drama with his family or Rich shows up to cause trouble? I’m enjoying it so far. I look forward to getting to know Kevin more in-depth.

  117. Did Chloe ever go on that date with Will? If so, does Kevin know about that? If he doesn’t already know, would that be weird to him, that she’s previously been on dates with 2 of his team mates?

    I worry about Rich possibly showing up. I don’t see him wanting Chloe back, because he’s the kind of jerk who wouldn’t want to be with ‘just’ a dance teacher. But I could see him having decided to run for political office and his advisors insisting he needs to have a relationship with his child to look good to voters.

    Definitely interested to know why Kevin’s family is all moving in with him. How old are his sisters? Would one or more of them be a big ballet fan or want to take classes? Will Kevin be able to just straight out apologize and pull his foot out of his mouth over the baby misstep?

    Who will he hear about the story behind Zavy’s missing father from? Chloe? Hugh or Josie? Somebody else? Does he get the full story straight off? How will he react?

    Loving this, but I know I’ll be so sad when you get going and stop posting updates and we have to wait for the rest!!

  118. Lorrie Smoker says:

    Liking the story & this concept. What is Rich’s career? How did Chloe & he meet? Somewhere involving his job/clients? Why is her prestige so important to him? Although the couple is talking softly at the alter, could someone or a few someones 😉 gasp at his suggesting they abort the baby? Maybe even his own mom could or Grandma could clobber him. Becoming an ally for Chloe later on?? Could Chloe think about a bit of a snarky remark when she talks about “sending the perverts home with a note”? Where was the wedding taking place? It didn’t sound like a church. Wondered if it was cultural? Please, please give us with no ballet knowledge good descriptions of the terms & positions. I Example, I had to look up barre. In the US it shows a ballet bar or rail type thing. But I get impression she did ballet exercises using a bar? Love to watch ballet, but know nothing about it . :) Liked the others questions about the house, flat, & family. Very cool idea!

  119. Debbie holmes says:

    I think the chapters that you have supplied so far are beautifully written. Im not sure why you are struggling with this one. If you are having a crisis of confidence, there is really no need., and you are being way too hard on yourself.
    I have read the previous comments and call me shallow, but I don’t need any more back story than what you have already supplied.
    I don’t care why her mother said this at the wedding, or why her father said that. It was 2 years ago and is water under the bridge. I have enjoyed meeting Kevin in your previous books, and think he and Chloe already have good chemistry. All the ingredients are there; a hot guy, a fiesty girl and a cute kid. Go with your gut. You have good instincts. Good luck.

    • Norma Ainsworth says:

      You have made the best point of all. Rosalind has never disappointed me in a book so I think her struggle will go away soon. I’m excited to get a new book. If all the other people would go back and read Hugh and Josie’s story they would know more background on Chloe. Thanks for your refreshing comments.

  120. Great start. Here are questions that came to mind.

    Is Rich involved in Zavy’s life?
    Does he support Chloe financially?
    Why did Chloe turn down the 90 days?
    Why does Kevin need to house his family?
    Will we see Chloe’s mother…and if so, has she softened at all towards Zavy?
    Is Zavy a nickname?
    Will Kevin’s family be involved in the story?
    Will Chloe have a hard time finding a new place to rent?

    Thank you for doing this. I love this part…although I imagine the sheer decisions and the impact can be overwhelming.

  121. Norma Ainsworth says:

    Love the premise of the story. I can’t wait to see how you flesh it out, it will be worth the wait. The short prologue set up the book well. I remember Chloe from the Hugh and Josie book and look forward to reading her story and Kevin’s. Thanks for the pre-read.

  122. I love the beginning of this story and I’m so glad you’ve shared it with us. You said you wanted questions so here goes:
    Why did Rich wait until she walked down the aisle to say no? (Why couldn’t he at least speak to her privately?) Who told her that she had to be dignified all the time? What happened after she hit him on the altar? Did she go into labor immediately after the non-wedding? Who was with her for the delivery of her son? Is Rich involved in their lives now or does he just send the required cash each month?
    Chloe was out with Kevin’s teammate when they first met. Will there be conflict in the locker room now that Kevin is evicting her? How about once others find out he’s interested in her? What about the other woman Kevin was dating at the time? Any conflicts from that relationship? If Kevin is a full time rugby player, why will he be living with his sisters in the home and moving his brother/family into Chloe’s apartment? Do they all live together currently?
    I liked another poster’s idea dance class being part of Kevin’s rehab for his injury.

  123. What if Chloe has a hard time finding something new in her price range and Kevin suggests he take her spare room (discounts her rent) while his family takes the rest of the house. He is heading out on tour so his stuff is there but he isn’t, at first. Then when he gets back she can’t move to her new place for a month and things happen ……

  124. Abigail Opper says:

    I am liking it so far. I was wondering where the conflict would come from since Kevin is really such a nice guy that we have met several times. I like the way he has become the antagonist but has not become harden. I can see the possibilities. And am intrigued to see how the story works out. Also love the dance part as I was a dance major in college and it is a definite passion. I hope Kevin has the self-confidence to handle it.

  125. His brother, wife and baby, AND his sisters are moving in with him? Looking forward to learning a bit more about Kevin’s situation. I take it Chloe did not return to the stage after the birth of her baby. Will we find out that back story? And maybe Rich…though I don’t know that I care so much about him. Looking forward to more!

  126. Rosalind, I like what you have going here – I DO like the backstory of the wedding. I am a bit confused about the living situation – I am assuming this is a two family, and Kevin is moving into one flat, and he is kicking Chloe out so that his family can occupy the other flat? I also think that Kevin is already more interesting than he was in Hugh’s story – seems more mature, and not just an easy going, nice but kind of forgettable guy.

  127. Love it! Whole book please , I love all of the Escape to New Zealand books. Never get enough rugby players !

  128. Jacky Michele says:

    LOVE this! I do have questions that I know will get answered. Primarily, how is Kevin going to move in with his sisters, and there still be room for Chloe and the baby? Then, maybe Kevin has an injury and has to go to Chloe for part of his PT. Hopefully her son will fall for Kevin before she does, and she can see Kevin through his eyes. I have a feeling that Rich will show up to cause some mayhem in Chloe’s life. Not really worried about too much prolonged angst. That’s one of the things I love about your books. Just enough angst to be bearable. LOL. Looking forward to this one, whatever direction you decide to go.

  129. Love it! Few questions – Chloe’s mom, what possesses a woman to tell her daughter she can’t wear white on her wedding day? This isn’t the 1950s. Speaking of the wedding, how was her dad taking things and how did Chloe get her slap off before Dad threw a punch? I think Rich needs to be laid out by both father and daughter. I need to go back and reread prior books because I don’t remember Chloe and Kevin and whoever she was on a date with. It’s hard to keep track over the span of a year or more.

  130. Why is his family moving in with him?

  131. So why is Kevvie in charge of his siblings? Recent development? Long standing? Parents – natural disaster loss or just life? Not seeing a direction yet but they certainly have the way laid out for some rough times ahead.

  132. Rachel L Verhoff says:

    I like the setup, and especially how you have them swinging from one impression of each other to another impression in these few paragraphs. I did flinch a bit when he made the ‘nice baby’ comment, as that would be a deal breaker for me, as a mom. I’m not sure what he’ll have to do to make me look beyond that one! As far as the ‘left at the altar’ scene, I didn’t really need that, as a reader, but I’m not much for prologues. I do wonder why he came to see her to tell her about the house situation. Wouldn’t it be smarter to handle that through a lawyer and a letter, rather than face to face? Then again, maybe he has a reason for being personal about it.

  133. Amy Brillinger Tuka says:

    This has me wanting more, good start. Wondering what Rich’s role is financially and if he is suddenly ready, and why? Kevin is obviously taking care of his family. How will they, his sisters, and then his brother and family, feel about how Chloe has to now find a place to live? Chloe’s pride will be in the forest front, but who will point out to her that help from family and friends is okay to accelerate? Josie? Parents?

  134. Curious as to why Kevin has to move in his whole family.

  135. Susan Page says:

    I love the way the ballet moves are explained precisely in the prologue, then explained by action, from Kevin’s point of view in the chapter. I am assuming that Chloe is living in a flat, with the rest of the house unoccupied until Kevin moves in with his sisters the next day. Can tell that Kevin is about as different from Rich as a man can be, and I love him already! It sounds highly possible that family is going to make their romance a little difficult to get going!
    Don’t stop writing it, it a heartwarming beginning.

  136. Why does he need room for his brother’s family? (Or will that come out later?)

  137. Fantastic please continue, I love Chloe’s story and background need more about her past and as for Kevin loads of questions why will he be having his siblings living with him what’s the story there? 0please start writing x

  138. DJ Kirkaldy says:

    I see Chloe falling for him either because somehow Zavy falls for him. Kevin being a Dad to her son and her son loving him would melt her iced over heart. At first Kevin won’t even think about it because hre has no desires to be a father; but, he just has this instant connection with Zavy.

    Another thought was iinjury rehab, flexibility training…..maybe it will be recommended/required that Kevin take some private ballet classes. When my oldest brother was in college on a soccer scholarship, they required him to take ballet to improve his flexibility. prevent injury and enhance agility.

    This is so much fun!!!!

  139. Barb Schaper says:

    okay, I hope Rich died, that was horrible! but that is reality – I have a friend that happened to, not at the altar but just before the wedding. I love what you have written so far, a lot. I can see a couple other books just off the characters presented so far. Keep it coming! Thank you for writing, you keep me sane. ;=) Chloe and Kevin, cool.

  140. I love it too! What a great start! I’m wondering how Kevin is going to get in Chloe’s good graces.

  141. Oh I’m intrigued. I’ve been looking forward to Kevin’s story and now to have Chloe in it is great. I’m liking the back story on Chloe so far and having Kevin as a short term landlord sounds interesting. I’m looking forward to reading more.

  142. Mary Guidry says:

    I love it. I love the ballet. I love that we now know a bit more about what makes Chloe tick.

    It’s NOT boring!

  143. I LOVE IT!!! More please! I like the tension and the rate of the story. Kevin is someone I’ve been dying to read more about.

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